General Information

Contact Information

Danyelle Andress - phone: 317-557-6294 (call/text) - email:

Eric Osowski - phone: 901-833-1376 (call/text) - email:

What is ProCamps?

ProCamps is an event management and sports marketing company that hosts events across the country with professional athletes and coaches. The events they host have anywhere from 100-700 participants and are extremely fast paced but in an extremely organized environment. Each camp day has an organized photography schedule and specific photo needs. There are two main objectives of every camp; one is to get great sponsor and PR photos to satisfy ProCamps needs and so they can promote the camp next year, second is taking great posed and candid/action photos of every participant interacting with the Host Athlete. All images will be available to the parents of the campers to purchase so we will need a lot of high quality images. For most of these campers this will be their only camp they attend and it is important to capture everything that is happening with the athlete to not miss out on any once in a lifetime moments. Depending on which camp you are at photos will either be sold at a booth on site or online after the camp has concluded.

What is Pro Pics?

Pro Pics is the sports division of a nation wide photography company called ADE Ventures. ADE photographs different markets in the event photography world and has a different brand for each market. Pro Pics is our sports brand and has the exclusive photography agreement with ProCamps. 

What to Wear

Pro Pics will be providing green dri-fit t-shirts for all of the camps. We ask that you wear those shirts along with closed toe shoes like sneakers to the event. Dress appropriate for the weather as sometimes the early morning can be cold and the afternoons can be very hot. Hats and sunscreen also help you make it through day 1 with out getting so burnt you can not work day 2.

There is a chance if you were added last minute that we could not ship you a shirt in time. Check with Danyelle/Eric to see and if you do not get one any type of solid color polo will work. 

Camera Settings/Requirements

Pro Pics is open to your knowledge and creativity needed to get each photo required for camp but we do have a few requirements for our photo software and image quality standards:

File Size: Medium JPG resolution with the highest compression. example: Medium & Basic on a Nikon camera. We do NOT shoot anything RAW and can not have any RAW files on the memory card, so please do not shoot RAW even as a backup. The largest print size available is an 8x10 so Medium/Basic on almost any camera will produce a great photo and it helps us save space with the large amount of images you will be taking.

Memory Cards: Individual memory cards will be required to be used to photograph the team photos and one on one photos. These will be handed over to a staff member immediately after photographing so prints can be made.

Shutter Speed: 1/500 second minimum is a requirement for all action photos.

Editing: We do NOT edit any of the photos you take. Every photo you take is sent directly to the parents "as is" so being spot on from the start is important. It will also be important to constantly check your photos throughout the day and to realize when your shooting environment changes.

Facial Recognition: The main way parents will be seeing their campers photos is from an album created from photos that were run through facial recognition to find their specific camper. With this being the main source for parents it is important to try and capture campers faces in the photos. Definitely take a good photo when you see one, but if there is an opportunity for you to adjust your position at a station with the athlete so you see the camper's face and the athlete please take that option.

Types of Photos Required

You can view all the different types of photos required by clicking the photographer visual checklist below: