Individual Portraits

On the first day at check-in campers will get their individual photo taken on a ProCamps step and repeat banner. This photo is offered to the parents for sale but is also what we use for our facial recognition at the camp. We will need a photo of every camper so they can receive their photos from camp sent directly to them.

The camper will have a 4x6 index card with their name on it. You will take one photo of them holding the card up and then a second photo of them holding the ball(glove for baseball). Your assistant can take the card out of their hand after the first photo and give them the ball each time.

Please adjust accordingly to have the photos look as close as possible to the examples below.

We will need photos of every camper so speed is also important.


Samples of each sport


Sponsor Area Photos

Before camp begins, the sponsor area is open to all parents, campers, and family members. The key focal points are:

  • Participation in sponsor booths

  • Capturing crowds at sponsor table/tents

  • Posing with Products

  • Generic Setup

EnergIce Photo Samples


T-Shirts, Banners, Sponsor All-Up Tent


The All-Up is the central location in which camp announcements are made, awards are given out, and the Host Athlete speaks. Key focal points are:

  • Size of Camp

  • Sponsor signage/setup

  • Camper Awards

    • Every camper that is called up into the middle of the All-Up will take a posed photo with the athlete. Other photographers may be there from the media but you are the top person capturing the photo so be sure to ask the athlete and camper to look specifically at you for their photo.

  • Sponsor Awards

    • Make sure award and sponsor item are facing the right way and the name/logo are showing



Team Photos

At every camp we will take team photos. The Athlete will sit in the chair, the coach will stand directly behind the athlete, and the campers will be on either side. In some cases, a Sponsor Sign will be placed in front of the campers as indicated below.

The photo should be shot with the group centered in the frame and some space on either side of the group allowing 8x10 printing.

*Team Photos are photographed on your cameras JPEG Large & Fine Setting

The Devin Booker Sample Below Shows How it Should be photographed on the left, and how we crop it for 8x10 on the right

More Team Samples

One on One Photos

Campers have the opportunity to purchase a One-on-One photo with the Host Athlete. These will be printed and signed on site as an 8x10. These need to be photographed horizontally as shown below with the athlete and camper centered in the frame with the step and repeat banner taking up the whole frame.

VIP Experience

During one of the three All-Ups special campers that paid for a special VIP experience will be called up to play against the athlete. Photos capturing this whole experience like the samples below should be captured for each camper.




Action Shots

Action shots should be taken of the Host Athlete interacting with the campers. Best effort to get a picture of every child interacting with the Host Athlete.

The largest amount of time during camp is spent taking these candid/action photos. Notice in the samples below that the photographer is positioning themselves to get a good angle of the campers face along with the athlete. This will help with the facial recognition process. Also notice that the ideal photos are with both the athlete and camper before the main "action" happens. A photo with camper and athlete is what we want instead of one at the end of the play when the camper is by themselves. Sitting at a drill station capturing the athlete interact with one camper after the next is definitely ok to do.

Drill Station capturing every camper example

more action samples

Below is a grouping from one specific camp showing the variety of different shots possible at one single camp. If the athlete is interacting with a camper we want to capture it, getting in a groove with the right angles to produce shots like this will help early on. Also notice that every photo fills the frame and are not shots of action where the athlete and camper are far apart.

Media Scrum

Local media is encouraged to visit camp and cover the event. There is a media scrum in which the athlete answers interview questions. Key focal points are:

  • Capturing the amount of media at camp

  • Good photos of Host Athlete in front of Step and Repeat

Athlete Hi-Five

The athlete will hi-five every camper on site. We need photos of them with each child, so rapid fire when this takes place.

Camper Lunch

Photos of campers going through the lunch line are important to our lunch partners.

Citi Luncheon

Up to 20 campers and a guest will have access to the luncheon where they have lunch and a Q&A with the Host Athlete. Key focal points are:

  • One on One photos

  • Capture ALL Signage

    • Table Toppers (both sides)

    • Credentials

    • Step & Repeat

    • Check-In Table

    • Centerpieces

    • Any other Citi Signage

  • Q&A Session - need good pictures of both the athlete answering questions and the campers asking questions

Athlete Marketing “Green Screen” Photos

At some camps you will be asked to take some marketing photos of the athlete. This will be done against a solid wall or on a green screen indoors and outdoors we just ask to have the least busy background you can find. You will do a few sport specific poses. Ideally this will be done indoors at the Citi Luncheon but if you are outdoors make sure you are properly exposed so there are no shadows and make sure the athlete is not wearing any hats or sunglasses. Samples below: